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How to repair Defects in the Potable Water System.

Like all other major systems on board, the potable water system was also installed with a number of maddening defects. The first water pump was wholly ineffectual because of its low capacity and the high head pressures created by the ½" water distribution system. We had it replaced, though that installation job had to be revisited.

Condensation and whatnot are not as annoying as a water heater that manages to mix engine coolant into the potable water system. While Prouts employees could arguably do little about the eventual failure of the water heater heat exchanger, they should have been capable of properly installing the water heater (i.e. follow instructions and not disable important safety features like the Temperature and Pressure valve).

A blockage in the kitchen sink drain then led to yet another project, this one to replace the jury-rigged mess that Prout installed originally. Once again, the creativity of the Prout installers showed remarkable depth in making substandard components work... just.

Time Required to Repair our Water System Issues:
Fixing the water pump 4.5 hours
Deal with kitchen and navigation condensation .25 hours
Replace the Calorifer 4.5 hours
Fixing the Kitchen Drain TBD

Total 9.25 hours