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Final Observations about our Mast

Finished MastAnd so our mast adventures come to an end. At left you can see the newly-installed lightning protector, the "new" mast-head light, and the VHF antenna.

While it is less than ideal to have a lightning protector that does not extend beyond the reach of the VHF antenna, it should be OK. The mounting bracket for the protector was hammered out with the help of a portable vise, hence it has a less than straight appearance. On the other hand, it gets the job done and is very stiff and strong.Below, the wind-sensor is visible, along with the new pins and back-stays.

As with most projects on the Cats PJs, we started out to fix a well-defined problem. But once the Pandoras box was opened, we discovered the need for more projects. Luckily, we were able to address most of them at once and our present overkill should reduce future maintenance requirements to a dull roar.

We hope.