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Winter Storage, Anti-Fouling, and our Mascot

Winter Storage of our Prout Escale Catamaran
This is the section of the web site dedicated to more "normal" pursuits of boat maintenance.

Explore how we have built a reusable exterior frame and cover for winter storage that allows us to keep working on projects inside the boat all winter long. It may be very cold inside, but the space is dry and well-ventilated. I guess by now you can see our value for such a structure.

The second section is dedicated to the two times I went aloft. Once to tighten the extrusions on the ProFurl extensions (which is when I discovered the rusty stay pins), the second time to photograph them in place for talks with the folks at Prout and ZSpar.

The third section carries information on our anti-fouling strip and repainting project. Not many pictures here as any attempts to take pictures was hazardous at best to the camera (think of what we were covered with).

Lastly, we have a page dedicated to the mascot of our project, Pollux. While Pollux is a dog, and the boat is a cat, they get along great. Pollux loves to help (and we certainly need a lot of that!) Besides, the cat likes the company.