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Finishing Touches

View from Prout Escale Port Hull through center of boat

Here is a shot from one of the bedroom cut-outs to the center of the rear compartment of our Prout Escale catamaran. The white pipe to the right is the bar that keeps the two rudders aligned. To the left of it, the insulated black heater air hose is visible (it will be mounted above the cut-out eventually). To the left of that is the mildewed bilge hose that drains the port rear compartment.

In the back, the heater exhaust is visible (insulated with white fiberglass). The white stretch duct is the Dynel that now feeds the blowers mounted in the battery compartment. Last but not least, a reinforced section of PVC hose is visible running from the bottom of the heater hatch drain to a T with the bilge pump hose. Up above, 8 bolts are visible. They hold one of two davits to the boat.

The next step is to properly fix all the items in this compartment so they do not chafe against each other. In particular, the exhaust hose for the heater can reach over 100 deg. C so some caution is required. As more photos become available, I will publish them.

Best Estimate of Time Spent Fixing Companionway Defects:
Properly mount and support all hoses, etc. TBD

Total TBD