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Life Threatening Part Substitutions and Lesser Gear Failures

Every boat has its share of teething pains. One measure of quality is to see how many of those pains reach the customer. Some of our experiences are just plain scary. At the very least, ascend your mast to verify that you don't have plain steel pins holding it up. Our mast experience has expanded to a point where I've set aside a whole section just for that.

Rusted Stay pins on Prout Escale Catamaran

Along a similar vein, many other parts were installed into the boat with wild abandon but little regard for quality or serviceability. Hence, we have experienced trouble with nearly every piece of infrastructure at least once (the LP system being a notable exception). Whether it's the halogens burning things on board or simple electronics trouble, the following section may illustrate why Prout Catamarans was not qualified to install equipment into their boats.

Generally speaking, third party installers did a better job, such as with our bullet-proof Furuno radar system.

Time Required to Fix Misc. OEM Issues:

Replacing hazardous halogens 12.5 hours
Avoid Cheap Deckware and even cheaper installations 49 hours
Fixing the hatches TBD
Avoiding Electronics Installed by Prout N/A
Issues with Autohelm instruments 2 hours
Install new captains chair/service 7 hours
Total 70.25 hours