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Fixing the Trim

Stbd Wall of LPG and Anchor Locker

We have a slight imbalance in the Cat's Pyjamas, whereby the boat has a 1-2 degree tilt to the front when it is in the water. The result is that water accumulates on some surfaces it should not, and the boat only really straightens out when the dinghy is lifted onto the davits. The folks at Prout Catamarans had evidently feared this would happen - the oil reservoir and the hot water tank were set back as far back as possible...

Usually the engines in Prout catamarans sit further back than ours because they either butt against the rear nacelle wall (with the long out-drive) or can be found in spaces below the rear bunks. Because our engine drives hydraulic pumps, it isn't set as far back as either regular propulsion option.

While we added this secondary anchor brace to the starboard locker, we may reconsider our options in the future and place it further back, along with its chain. On the starboard wall, you can see a mount we put together. It holds our fisherman anchor firmly in place, so it does not slide and bang around on the floor of the locker. To the right you can see one of two LPG bottles that were temporarily removed during the winter. To the left, it is apparent that the thimble for the rope is starting to fail and will need to be replaced soon.

Best Estimate for Time Required:

Measure, build, and install anchor chock 7 hours

Total 3 hours