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As delivered, our Prout Escale lacked a proper charging system, the wiring was undersized and/or unfused, circuit breakers did not match their loads, instruments would drop out when the engine was started, the starter battery would be depleted by the inane contactor system, etc... the list goes on. After several years of finding problems hidden in various parts of the boat, "Prout Catamarans" and electrical quality have become an oxymoron for me. At least current US customers seem to be shielded from the worst of it by Advanced Yachts (the US distributor) and their dedicated employees.

An excellent article on surveying electrical systems on board can be found at: It gives me some heart to know that many other boatowners faced the same issues as me - Prout catamarans isn't the only sloppy builder out there. Here are some of the common electrical ABYC and equipment manufacturers standards that were violated by Prout Catamarans in the construction of our Escale:

Then there are the other gremlins unrelated to standards that are giving us fits:

Best Estimate for Time Required to Fix/Upgrade Electrical System:
Overview of issues and creating representative electrical diagram 80 hours
Simplify Link Box, upgrade components 11.5 hours
Install useful battery monitoring system 6 hours
Install powerful alternator system 11.5 hours
Increase battery capacity, install fuses 27 hours
Replace "Busbars" throughout boat 12 hours
Repair main circuit breaker panel 22.5 hours
Replacing Wiring throughout boat 81.5 hours
Design, build/install bilge monitor 22.5 hours
Installing night lights 3.5 hours
Install Lightning protection 19 hours
Install Bilge Pumping infrastructure 2.5 hours

Total 299.5 hours