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Troubleshooting Your Airport Base Station

I've created this section to help people with some common issues that affect the operation of their ABS. I intend to grow it with the help of the folks out there who have questions and answers. I currently only have two chapters covering common issues. I hope to add more as time permits. Incidentally, Apple has published a trouble-shooting guide too. If my articles don't answer your questions, why not look there?


One minute you're surfing happily, then everything slows to a crawl. Here is more info on performance issues and what you can do about them.

Dealing with Encryption: WEP held great promise to bring security to wireless networks. Here are some common issues that some people are struggling with when setting up WEP.
Configuring your Airport How to use the Admin Utility instead of an Assistant. Now with individualized guides for the Graphite and Extreme base station. Hopefully, the Snow is similar enough!
Configuring a Wireless Distribution System (WDS)For a step-by-step thriller on how to set up WDS, I wouldn't look further than Paula de la Cruz' tutorial in the Apple Discussion boards. Folks seem to be happy with it. In closing, always set up WDS with all gear in one room before installing the base stations. Otherwise, you'll go crazy.

Cheers! Constantin von Wentzel