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Graphite Base Station Limitations

Several Graphite base station owners have written to me asking about what kinds of cards can be retrofit to a Graphite base station. In particular, retrofitting 802.11g cards seems to be a popular dream. Well, it is unlikely to work, and you'll never see a benefit, sorry! There are several reasons:

Lastly, what benefit does the average home owner derive from having a 54Mbit/s connection at home (which he/she will only have very close to the ABS)? The answer is, little to none, unless you move a lot of data within your home or office... most internet connections max out at less than 1Mbit/s, the lowest speed at which any ABS can transmit. Thus, unless you have a faster internet connection than anyone I know, going to a 54Mbit/s fast access point will not benefit your internet surfing to any extent.